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The California Perfume Company's Suffern Laboratory - 1903
The California Perfume Company Laboratory, Suffern, New York

In his 1903 autobiographical/historical account entitled, A Brief History of the California Perfume Company, David H. McConnell Sr. shares the following: "The book business was not congenial to me, although I was in every sense successful in it, but there were many things that were not pleasant. My ambition was to manufacture a line of goods that would be consumed, used up, and to sell it through canvassing agents, direct from the factory to the consumer." After careful experimentation and consideration, McConnell discovered the KEY to his future would be the, "perfume business in its different branches."

During the period of 53 years (1886 to 1939), the California Perfume Company experienced exponential growth under McConnell's leadership. By his side for the majority of the those years were key partners who painstakingly helped to build this great company: Alexander D. Henderson, Treasurer; William Scheele, Executive Secretary and General Manager, and others. As the company grew, so did its rich history and its many positive effects on the lives of so many women of this nation!



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