1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition Gold Medal Award

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The California Perfume Company Exhibit at the Pan-Pacific Expo - 1915
CPC Exhibit in the Liberal Arts Building of the Panama-Pacific
International Exposition at San Francisco, California


C P C — The Sign of Gold Medal Quality

On June 14th the Western Union delivered to us the following telegram:

SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.                                                             10:20 a.m.
ARTISTIC DESIGN.                                                        Geo. J. McConnell." 


Picture and Excerpt above from the July 1915 CPC Outlook

The Pan-Pacific Gold Medal (front) Awarded to the California Perfume Company in 1915   The Pan-Pacific Gold Medal (back) Awarded to the California Perfume Company in 1915
The Actual Gold Medal Awarded to the California Perfume Company at the
1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition

This gold medal is maintained within the Avon Archives at the Hagley Museum and Library; pictures used by permission

The following letter was sent to Mr. George J. McConnell, then manager of the San Francisco office of the California Perfume Company and brother of David H. McConnell, 11 December, 1915, by Chief of Liberal Arts, Mr. Theodore Hardee:

PPIE Letterhead - 1915

December 11, 1915

California Perfume Company,
Mr. Geo. J. McConnell. Manager,
#80 First Street, San Francisco, Cal.


     Now that the Panama-Pacific International Exposition has closed its gates, I personally wish to express to you how grateful I am at having your company as an exhibitor in this Department. Your splendid exhibit has proven a source of unending delight to hundreds of thousands of visitors, and has materially aided in the great success this Exposition has enjoyed.

     The interest manifested in your display of toilet articles, which we have had the honor to house in this Palace, has brought many flattering remarks, and it is firms like yours that have made possible the wonderful success of the Department of Liberal Arts.

     Permit me to further express my warm appreciation of the courteous manner in which your exhibit has been conducted, which is a credit not only to your representative, but also to the foresight and judgment that first prompted you to exhibit at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

     Hoping that your company feel amply compensated for all the efforts at the Exposition, and wishing you continued success, I remain,

                             Very Truly Yours,
                             Chief of Liberal Arts.

The above letter copied from the February 1916 CPC Outlook

Page from February 1916 CPC Outlook about the Panam-Pacific Exposition Display
The above article copied from the February 1916 CPC Outlook

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