CP Fragrances Through The Years

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This table provides the most-researched compilation of first/original-issue and production-end dates for the all fragrances offered by the California Perfume Company and early-Avon Products, Inc. from 1886 through 1939. These dates are defined using catalogs, representative's order sheets, customer flyers, advertising, as well as CPC Bulletins and CPC and Avon Outlooks.

If you have particular questions regarding this table or the methodology of dating, please contact me at russell (at)  californiaperfumecompany.net.

Fragrance Dates Notes/See Footnotes
Heliotrope 1886-1927  
Hyacinth 1886-1922  
Lily of the Valley 1886-Avon  
Violet 1886-1928  
White Rose 1886-Avon  
Bay Rum 1893-Avon 1
Carnation 1893-1932 1
Eau de Cologne 1893-1924 1
Florida Water 1893-1924 1
Lavender 1893-1924 1
Lou Lillie 1893-1908 1
Sweet Pea 1893-1925 2: Reissue: 1934-1939, 1
Crab Apple Blossom 1895-1930  
Sweet Cologne 1895-1916  
White Heliotrope 1895-1920  
Musk 1897-1924  
White Lilac 1897-1930  
L'Odeur de Violette 1898-1921  
Le Parfum des Roses 1898-1921  
Peau d' Espagne 1898-1921  
Bouquet Marie 1900-1908  
Frangipani 1900-1908  
Golf Club 1900-1908  
Golf Violet 1900-1922  
Jack Rose 1900-1922  
Jockey Club 1900-1924  
Marie Stuart 1900-1908 (also Marie Stewart)
May Blossom 1900-1908  
New Mown Hay 1900-1922  
Rose Geranium 1900-1924  
Stephanotis 1900-1908  
Trailing Arbutus 1900-Avon  
Tube Rose 1900-1913  
Venetian Carnation 1900-1924  
Ylang, Ylang 1900-1908  
California Bouquet 1902-1922
Treffle 1902-1920  
Roses 1905-1925  
American Ideal 1907-1934 2: Reissue: 1941 Only
Honey Suckle 1909-1924  
Natoma Rose 1912-1924  
Daphne 1916-Avon  
Mission Garden 1922-1928  
Vernafleur 1923-Avon  
Lilac Vegetal 1925-1936  
Narcissus 1925-Avon  
Jardin d' Amour 1926-Avon  
Ariel 1929-1939  
391 Perfume 1930-1934  
Bolero 1934-1939  
Cotillion 1934-Avon  
Gardenia 1934-Avon  
Jasmine 1934-Avon  
Rose 1934-1939  
Pine 1935-Avon  
Topaze 1935-Avon  
Lucy Hays 1936-1939  
Courtship 1937-1939  
Lilac 1937-Avon  
Marionette 1938-Avon  
Ballad 1939-Avon Issued post-Avon changeover,
November 1939


1) Dating Difficulties (research continues and the chart will be updated as new information is available):

    - Year of First Issue could not be verified.

2) Reissues: When a fragrance, after having been discontinued, is brought back into production - normally for a short period of time. For example, the American Ideal fragrance had a normal production run from 1907 through 1934, after which the fragrance was reintroduced in 1941, only for a four month period.

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