David and Lucy McConnell

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David H. McConnell, Sr. on his 50th Wedding Anniversary - 1935

Lucy Hays McConnell on her 50th Wedding Anniversary - 1935



Miss Lucy Hays and David H. McConnell were introduced to each other by mutual friends, when Mr. McConnell was in Chicago on business. They fell in love and were quietly married at the home of Miss Hays' sister. Mr. McConnell brought his bride back east with him. 

Even then, Mr. McConnell was developing a plan of business that would better serve the customer and give profitable employment to many women. There was no guaranteed merchandise then, and he saw many untrained women left on their own resources with families to support with no means of earning money other than housework, sewing, teaching, nursing or working in crude factories. He was sure a woman could do better for herself. Mrs. McConnell had splendid ideas and good business sense. Between them they worked their idea out. It was the "CPC Idea." 

At this time, Mr. and Mrs. McConnell were living in Brooklyn. He opened a combined office, laboratory and shipping room in down town New York. Mrs. McConnell spent much time with him, helping him in many ways. From the first the business grew. 

They both preferred living in the country, and a friend told them of the beautiful little town of Suffern. 

They located a house they liked and bought it. They also bought a building for the first factory, and moved to Suffern. 

Meantime, three children were born; Edna, Doris and David junior. The children have all grown up now and have homes and children of their own. The factory is many times larger, a modern, up-to-date plant. Edna married a brilliant young engineer and chemist, Mr. W. Van Alan Clark. Some years ago, Mr. McConnell persuaded him to come in with him, and he is now Vice President in charge of the factory. They live in Suffern. Doris lives in Connecticut with her family, not far from Suffern. David junior and his family also live in Suffern, and he is now Executive Vice President of the Company. 

This very briefly covers the 51 years of married life of our President and his wife, and the growth of the Company. They are more than usually interwoven, as you see. They both know many of the Representatives, Supervisors and employees. Their success is your success, your success is theirs. They are heart and mind with you, and always have been. That is why the Committee knows that the success of this campaign you yourselves have planned, and will carry out to a glorious conclusion will so please them. Your loyalty, and interest, and good work will mean more to them than anything else possibly could.

From the March 3rd to 23rd , 1936 Avon Outlook 

McConnells' 50th Anniversary Commemorative Spoon Close-up

McConnells' 50th Anniversary Commemorative Spoon with Box
Gold Plated Teaspoon

During the Golden Wedding Campaign, Mr. McConnell, Junior, offered a gold plated teaspoon to every member of the CPC Family. Thousands upon thousands received a beautiful souvenir spoon in honor of Mr. and Mrs. McConnell's Golden Wedding Anniversary.

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