Natoma Awards

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The following two Natoma awards were given to CPC Depot Managers
for meeting specified sales goals:


Natoma Pillow Case - 1912
Present No. 17

Leather Pillow Slip

Full size, genuine sheepskin leather back and front. "Natoma" Indian head burnt in center. Green, brown, tan, red, and natural color leathers.

To be presented—in addition to regular commissions—to every Sales Manager whose total business from October 1st to December 31st, 1912, amounts to Sixty Dollars ($60.00) at wholesale.

(Found in the October 1912 CPC Outlook)



Natoma Table Cloth Award - 1913
Play Baseball With Us

Based on assessed valuations for various CPC products...

To every Sales Manager scoring sixty (60) runs, by August 31st, mailing total order on or before that date, we will present with a beautiful Full Sheepskin Leather Table Cover as illustrated, with Natoma head burned thereon, or male Indian head, or floral border if preferred.

(Found in the August 1913 CPC Outlook)


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