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Mission Garden Perfume - 1924
Mission Garden Perfume in Bohemian Bottle
(One and a half ounce bottle)
OSP (in 1923): ..... $4.95

Mission Garden:

Of all the perfume fragrances sold by the California Perfume Company over its 53 years (before transitioning fully over to the 'Avon Products, Inc.' moniker), Mission Garden remains one of the most popular treasures among CPC collectors.

As seen below, this fragrance line only sold from 1922 to 1928: six years. Thus, Mission garden qualified for the "shortest production run of all major CPC fragrance lines." What is meant by 'major' CPC fragrance line is that under that particular line perfume, toilet water, talcum powder, sachet powder, etc., were all sold.

The low sales precipitating Mission Garden's drop from the CPC fragrance line-up is the very reason collector's go crazy for the opportunity to own even one little item from this line—there are extremely few to be had. Soooo, if you are fortunate enough to get the chance to buy one of these goodies, do it!!!

Close up of Mission Garden fragrance line label
Mission Garden Label

Mission Garden Perfume - 1925    Mission Garden Perfume - 1925
Mission Garden Perfume

(One ounce bottle)
OSP (in 1925): ..... $2.85

Mission Garden Perfume Falconette - 1922
Mission Garden Perfume

OSP (in 1923): ..... 98¢

Mission Garden Perfume Falconette - 1923
Mission Garden Perfume

Note: Shown with Christmas Box
OSP (in 1924): ..... 98¢

Mission Garden Perfume Falconette - 1924
Mission Garden Perfume
OSP (in 1925): ..... 98¢

Mission Garden Perfume Falconette - 1925
Mission Garden Perfume Flaconette
OSP (in 1926): ..... $1.20

Mission Garden Toilet Water - 1925
Mission Garden Toilet Water
(Two ounce bottle)
OSP (in 1923): ..... $2.25

Mission Garden Single Compact - 1925
Mission Garden Double Compact - 1925
Mission Garden Single (top) and Double (bottom) Compacts
Single Compact: ~1925-1928
Double Compact: ~1922-1928
OSP (in 1925):
Single Compact: ..... 98¢
Double Compact: ..... $1.48

Mission Gardne Rouge and Compact Refill - 1926
Mission Garden Rouge(L) and Compact Refill (R)
OSP (in 1926):
Single Compact Refill: ..... 48¢
Double Compact Refill: ..... 89¢

Picture graciously provided by George Gaspar

Mission Garden Sachet Powder - 1922
Mission Garden Sachet Powder
OSP (in 1923): ..... $1.75

Mission Garden Talcum Powder - 1925
Mission Garden Superite Talcum Powder
OSP (in 1925): ..... 75¢

Mission Garden Double Talcum Powder Set - 1925
Mission Garden Double Talcum Set
~Probably 1925-1928
Note: This set CAN NOT be found in any CPC catalog and is not represented as a line item on any Representative Order Sheet.
It may have been a short run special for Christmas, especially given the bows wrapped around the necks of both tins.

Mission Garden Threesome Set - 1925
Mission Garden Threesome Set
Set contains: One one ounce bottle of Mission Garden perfume, a can of Mission Garden Superite talcum powder,
and one Mission Garden double compact
OSP (in 1926): ..... $7.00

Footnotes:   OSP: Original Selling Price

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