Miscellaneous Items

CP Products

Spoon and Fork from the Suffern Laboratory Cafeteria - Unknown Date
California Perfume Company
Suffern Laboratory Cafeteria Tableware

~Unknown Date

Miscellaneous Items:

One potentially HUGE subsection of California Perfume Company and early-Avon collecting is that of Miscellaneous Items...those pieces/collectibles/treasures that are somehow related to the California Perfume Company and/or Avon Products, Inc. Following is a short list of potential "Miscellaneous Items," but truly the list could be much more detailed and pretty-much endless!

If you have anything such as that described above and are willing to share a picture of your unique treasure with the CPC and early-Avon collecting community, please contact me at george (at) californiaperfumecompany.com. Thanks!!

CPC Shipping Crate - 1920s
California Perfume Company
Wooden Shipping Crate


Avon CPC Shipping Box - 1935
California Perfume Company/Avon
Cardboard Shipping Box


School Book Straps with CPC Advertising - Unknown Date  School Book Straps with CPC Advertising - Unknown Date
School Book Straps Advertising the California Perfume Company
~Unknown Date

EASYDAY Automatic Clothes Washer
OSP (in 1918): ..... $2.00

Marvel Electric Silver Cleaner - 1918
Marvel Electric Silver Cleaner
Removes Tarnish by Electricity
Tested and Approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute.
OSP (in 1918): ..... $2.00

Gillette Safety Razor
~July-August 1927
Sold for 10¢ as part of the Gentleman's Humidor Shaving Set

Gem Safety Razor

Sold as part of the Gem Shaving Cabinet No. 9 Set (see Men's Set section)

Allied Products Inc. Items - early-1940s 
Products manufactured at the Suffern Laboratory under the Allied Products name
in support of US and Allied troops during World War II

Note: Allied Products, Inc. was the parent organization for the California Perfume Company, Inc. and Avon Products Inc. during the late-1930's
and very early-1940's; after which the name changed to Avon-Allied Products, Inc.

Note: Picture used by permission of the Hagley Museum and Library

CP Products