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CPC Star Award Medallion
CPC Star Representative

The medallion illustrated above [to the left] has been created so, that we may honor that fast-growing circle of C P C Representatives who are building a business that yields them a good, steady, independent, monthly income. Representatives who take full advantage of the opportunity which they enjoy are being admitted to this select circle, and will, hereafter, be known as our Star Representatives.

The medallion selected is a beautiful, gold-filled seal with the words "Star Representative" on the front with the C P C trade-mark in blue enamel. On the back, the name of the Star Representative is engraved together with his or her sales record.

One star is engraved on the record for each thousand dollars in net sales sent in during any one year. 
In order to be entitled to this Star Representative Medallion, a Representative must send in at least $1,000 worth of business at net amount prices during 1928.

As soon as a Representative's sales reach the $1,000 total, the Company will send one of these medallions with one star engraved on it. Then when the $2,000 total is reached, the medallion is returned and we will engrave a second star on it. As many stars will be added each year as a Representative's sales amount to in thousands of dollars. 

Those Representatives who have already qualified will be presented with medallions at once.

Whenever a new Representative becomes a Star, we will print his or her photograph in the OUTLOOK.

The Star Representative Honor now gives Representatives three measures by which they may test their sales ability:

The first is our Honor Roll List. A new Representative is admitted to the Honor Roll as soon as he or she has sent in $250 worth of net business. In recognition of this accomplishment, the Company presents a gold service pin to each Representative so honored.

The next honor is conferred when a Representative's sales reach the $500 net figure. At that time, such Representatives join, what is known as the "C P C 500 Club." As a token of this honor, our President gives a Certificate of Membership in the club, suitably engraved and appropriate for framing. 

The third group is our new Star Representative Honor. Every Representative who reaches this goal will receive a Star Representative Medallion, a token of their sales success which they can well wear with pride. 

Salesmanship is as exact a science as any profession. It is as honorable a calling as anyone could possibly choose, and no one could have a more creditable object in life than to be ambitious to be a successful salesman. 

It should, therefore, be the desire of every new Representative to climb the "C P C Ladder of Success" as swiftly as possible. 

The new worker will soon learn, if she or he does not already know it, that in choosing C P C sales work, the choice was wisely made.

Avon Star Award Medallion
Avon Star Representative

C P C goods are popular. Customers like them and will buy them gladly when served regularly by dependable Representatives.

It will, therefore, take but a short time for a new Representative to win the first honor, the Gold Medal Pin, and that will be followed quickly by membership in the "Five Hundred Club," and then by admission to the "Star Representative Circle," because the first $1,000 worth of net business will take only a short time. 

Of course, these honors are but a small part of the pleasure and enjoyment that these Representatives will derive from success. 
The enjoyment of a regular, monthly income, and the thrill that comes from knowing that you are successful, are Privileges that have a value all their own. 

We are entering the most important sales season of the year. If you are on the threshold of your first $1,000 net business, this "Star Representative Honor" should be an incentive and inspiration to you. 

Go out this month and make your sales earn for you a Star Representative Medallion. 

Perhaps you are only approaching the $500 mark,—get in the "500 Club' this month and there will still be time to get your Star Representative Medallion before the new year, because in November and December our Representatives sell five to ten times the amount of goods they sell in normal months. 

If, however, you are a new Representative, don't allow these two top honors to seem a long ways ahead of you. Set your cap for the Honor Roll. Get into that. Get your Gold pin, and then turn toward the next rung in the ladder. Remember there is always room at the top. 

General Sales Manager

From the October September 1929 CPC Outlook

Depot Managers