Mrs.  S. E. Wilkes

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The Home of Depot Manager Mrs. S. E. Wilkes - 1910
The Home Purchased By Mrs. S. E. Wilkes

Terrell, Texas.

California Perfect Co.

Gentlemen—I never have regretted working for you, you have always been so nice to me. The 29th of March will be six years [1904] since I started your work. You have written me often of what other agents were doing with their money from the sale of your goods, buying their homes, etc. I thought what others had done I could do, too. So I have this little home, all paid for from your work.

Perhaps this will do some others good, as it did me. If I had commenced my home when I first started in the work, I would have had my home sooner "Where there is a will there is a way."


            Mrs. S. E. Wilkes.

From the April 1910 CPC Bulletin

Depot Managers