Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bowers

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California Perfume Company General Agents Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Bowers - 1913
Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Bowers

Our General Agents

There are but few instances where husband and wife are working side by side loyally, steadfastly and harmoniously for the same commercial cause. It is therefore with a distinct sense of pleasure and pride that we introduce to our readers Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bowers, General Agents for the Kansas City Branch. Their letter, which accompanied the photographs and which is appended, fells of their work and success more graphically than anything we could say.


Gentlemen—For some time past Mrs. Bowers and myself have intended to take advantage of the opportunity presented and extend our heartiest greetings and good wishes to our many appointees through the eight States in which we have traveled, namely: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

We have, at all times, the best interests of our salespeople at heart and trust that one and all are reaping a goodly harvest from the sale of the C P Co.'s incomparable line of goods. We have received some excellent reports from many of our people which are indeed gratifying. Kindly consider this a personal greeting to each.

 We both enjoy our work very much indeed, fully realizing that we represent the largest and generally conceded best Company of its kind in the United States. We come in touch with many other companies, but they all pale into insignificance when compared with our grand old C P Co., which always stands at the head of the list, being the most popular, having the best line of goods without any exception whatever, and the fact that the C P C goods are sold on a positive guarantee or money refunded, very materially adds to their prestige.

We not infrequently meet disinterested parties who voluntarily reiterate our statements in this respect and we hope all of our travelers as well as local people are as proud as we to represent a company whose dealings are at all times so fair and honorable and whose goods are unequaled.

We expect to plant C P C colors in many cities and towns before the close of 1913, and are making a strenuous effort to place the work in the hands of none but deserving, dependable people, who will reflect credit upon us as well as the house in the way of goodly orders and a thorough, painstaking canvass of the territory assigned, as well as a proper conduction of the business generally.

In conclusion we wish to say that we are not only proud of our Company, as a whole, but we wish to voice the sentiments of many of our General Agents as well as local people, who one and all pay high tribute to our kind and most courteous manager, A. M. Moore, of the Kansas City branch, under whose magnificent management the work is being so successfully conducted. To the above we are not forgetful of the fact that the success of our General Agents is largely due to this hearty co-operation and letters of good cheer, which are always a source of inspiration and much appreciated.

With kindliest greetings to all, we remain,

Sincerely yours,


From the June 1913 CPC Outlook

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