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Depot Manager Mrs. Ella Bacon Bond - 1922
Mrs. Ella Bacon Bond

Silver Anniversary

In writing an OUTLOOK or any piece of CPC literature we always like to print at least a page of unsolicited praise and testimonials from Sales Managers—from the soldiers on the selling line. We can't think of a more cheerful or more artistic piece of literature than the following from Mrs. Ella Bacon Bond of District C51, Connecticut. Mrs. Bond who has been with us 25 years, and now celebrates her silver anniversary with us expresses her thoughts in poetry. Mrs. Bond is just as good a Sales Manager as she is poet, which you will agree is considerable after reading her rhymed message to you:


I've worked for the CPC many a year,
In the nineties I started my career.
Laden with perfumes dainty and sweet,
And powders, both attractive and neat.
In many cities and many a town
Through loyal workers the goods are known.
The contents of each sample case
Commands attention in every place.
Once used the goods are in great demand,
And orders come in on every hand.

On the Pacific Coast we had ambition
For space in the "Panama Exposition"
And WON by meritorious display
The GOLD MEDAL PRIZE for excellency.
Success crowned efforts so well begun
And we stand unrivalled by anyone.
I speak advisedly for I know
Starting out some twenty-five years ago.
To work for the famous CPC
Who have always been loyal and true to me.

I have won many friends in years that are past
People whose friendship is bound to last;
To them and the Firm I've been loyal and true
And this is the word I'm sending to you:
To those just beginning with courage keep trying,
You're sure to find customers glad to be buying.
The goods that have never been known to fail—
For else Arc line finds already sale.

Now I'm nearing the end of my business career,
So I'm sending my co-workers lines of cheer;
And to young beginners I wish to say
You'll never regret that you started that day
To work for the well known CPC.
They are all that a Company ought to be—
Standing honest and true, above any fake,
They are bound to achieve what they undertake.


From your friend,

From the September 1922 CPC Outlook

In Memorium

It is with sincere regret that we record the passing of Mrs. Ella Bacon Bond, who served so faithfully for twenty six years in the territory of East Haven, Conn.

In spite of her seventy-four years there was not another Sales Manager who displayed more zeal or who was more actively interested than Mrs. Bond; and every year of her long association with the Company was filled with pleasant and inspiring incidents.

We, too, shall miss her.

From a 1925 CPC Outlook

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