Mrs. Effie Miller & The Brush Runabout

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Depot Manager Mrs Effie Miller on her Brush Runabout - 1912
Mrs. Effie Miller, in her Brush Runabout Automobile,
just received her prize offered by us (the California Perfume Company)
for the largest sales from July 1st to December 31st, 1911.

From the June, 1912 CPC Outlook

The Brush Runabout - 1911
1911 Brush "Everyman's Car" - the First Vehicle Award for the California Perfume Company

They call The Brush "Everyman's Car." And the claim made is made it is a car of simple design built well, not one of complicated design built cheaply. The Brush is the perfection of an original Idea in motor car construction.

Aside from the original and handsome design, the simplicity of construction and the small number of parts used, make it a desirable car to own and operate. The motor has but one-fourth as many parts as the four-cylinder type, with a corresponding reduction in the chances for trouble. The single cylinder being lighter in weight than multiple cylinders, it means less total weight and less tire expense, besides a very small consumption of gasoline per mile, The Brush having a record of forty miles travelled on a single gallon.

The Brush motor is very accessible. By merely removing the hood, you can easily get at every part. This feature is one of the valuable ones on The Brush car.

The parts of The Brush motor are strong. The crank shaft is extra heavy. The bearings are unusually large. The castings arc made of the highest grade of material. The crank case is aluminum.

In fact, the best proof of the beauty and strength and long lasting qualities of The Brush, is to ask the owner of one. If you know of anyone in your vicinity who owns a Brush, see it, and let the owner sing its praises to you.

The Brush, with ordinary care, will give you perfect service for many years, will run smoothly for thousands and thousands of miles. And the satisfying feature of it is that its cost of upkeep is so low that it has been appropriately styled "Everyman's Car."

If you are out to win it, September must yield its full share of your six months' total business.

Remember, the car is given besides—in addition to—regular commissions, to the Representative who sends the largest total business from July 1 to December 31, 1911.

From the September, 1911 CPC Outlook

Depot Manager Mrs. Effie Miller
Mrs. Effie Miller

The Automobile Contest

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Effie Miller, of Stayton, Oregon, has won the Brush Runabout Automobile for sending in the largest total business from July 1st to Dec. 31st, 1911.

Her sales amounted to $1100.82 wholesale, $1834.70 retail.

From the February, 1912 CPC Outlook

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