How CPC Saved My Dog

Depot Managers

Frederick Weeks and Dog - 1924

I have a small dog which is about three months old, and I like it very well. It is my chief playmate. The 24th of this month, I was writing a letter to my brother and the dog happened to be in the house. It accidentally tipped the ink on the best rug, which is in the front room. The rug was new.

My mother, who is a CPC Sales Woman, said if she could not get it out, it would be good-bye dog. She put some SPOTS-OUT on it, and I still have my dog.

HURRAY, for SPOTS-OUT, everyone should have it in the home!

Master Frederick Weeks. Ten years of age.

District No. 434. Michigan.

From a October 1924 CPC Bulletin

Depot Managers