The 500 Club

Depot Managers

500 Club Certificate - 1929
CPC 500 Club Certificate for Mrs. W. G. Hobbs of New Mexico
~3 May 1929

Beginning in 1926, the California Perfume Company began recognizing a higher level of sales achievement attained by many of it's representatives: $500.00 sales, retail, during one calendar year. Prior to the awarding of this certificate, the only sales benchmark commanding any recognition was $250.00. It seems that the initiation of the $500.00 club came a little late due to the fact that only three short years later, in 1929, the CPC Star Medallion Award was introduced to recognize the superior sales achievement of $1000.00 and greater in one calendar year.

500 Club Certificate - 1936
CPC 500 Club Certificate for Mrs. B. W. Poole of District T-481(?)
~20 November 1939
 Note: This Certificate was available for use in the early 1930's through 1936, after which the certificate shown immediately below
was used. This certificate awarded to Mrs. Poole was probably a "left over". Interestingly, the date on this certificate (20 November 1939) is
actually AFTER the company's formal name change to Avon Products, Inc. (6 October 1939).

500 Club Certificate - 1937
Avon 500 Club Certificate for Mrs. S. H. Mathews of Pennsylvania
~11 December 1939

Depot Managers